Seasonal Adventures

Enjoy Year-Round Adventure in the community of We'koqma'q!

A Time for Rejuvenation

Spring and Summer

As the snow melts away, and reveals the vibrant greenery, the community of We’koqma’q is ready to bloom. Our wild flowers and medicinal garden at the Skye River Trail are a sight to see. Take in an event with our Cultural Heritage Interpreters, such as sweet grass braiding or learning about the gardens. Don’t forget to bring your picnic basket or fishing rod and listen to the river sounds as you enjoy a peaceful visit. 

Cold Weather Fun

Fall and Winter

Experience the crisp air and snow-covered trails of We’koqma’q in the Fall and Winter seasons. Take in the cultural events held in the community for Mi’kmaq Heritage Month, or attend a Celtic Colours International Festival show, all in the month of October. 

Positioned in the middle of Cape Breton Island, the community of We’koqma’q can serve as a central location for snowmobilers taking in the winter trails and sights. Be sure to stop at We’koqma’q One Stop to fuel up!